20 things that currently bring me genuine contentment

  1. Watching raindrops create tiny ripples as they fall on the ground.
  2. Mom’s muesli with honey for breakfast.
  3. Planning and organizing.
  4. Lavender essential oil.
  5. Climbing into bed after a long but satisfying day of hard work.
  6. My coworkers.
  7. The warm sun on a cool, clear day.
  8. Watching Gilmore Girls and drinking tea with Kayla.
  9. The smell of vanilla and pumpkin.
  10. Warm blankets.
  11. Afternoon breaks with Emily.
  12. Taking a hot shower at the end of a cold, dreary day.
  13. The way my bathroom smells after I take a shower.
  14. Reading a really well-written chapter of a book.
  15. Morning stretches, afternoon stretches, evening stretches.
  16. Listening to the Life Coach School podcast during my lunch break.
  17. Auburn-colored butterflies.
  18. Chatting with my student assistants.
  19. Quiet evenings at home.
  20. Getting a really good night’s sleep.

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