being vs. self

I have glimpses, at times, of truly limitless being—of what it would be like to live without fear. It is always when I let go of my self-constructed narrative, the pain that was crucial in making me. I feel the bloom of freedom in my chest as I forget myself. I am mere consciousness, breath. The earth around me fades, my personalized view of reality disintegrates—I transcend time, space, bodily existence. I relinquish my role, the fervor with which I cling to identity construction and authentic expression.

I aim always to capture the truth of being and of feeling, the hidden meaning behind what we say and how we perform our roles. Through the active, performative iteration of my Self, I believe I can awaken the construction of the self in others. But the self is separate from being and from true humanness. The self is merely a guise we subsume, a costume we don as we wake from our dreams.

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